Javan Engineering, Inc.

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Location: Fort Washington, PA
Founded: 1994
Industry: Engineering services

6-Time Winner

Javan Engineering, Inc.

Moses Javan
President and CEO


Javan Engineering, Inc. is a full-discipline consulting engineering company serving clients in the chemical, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries. Since its founding, Javan Engineering and its employees have remained focused on practicing their motto: “performance and relationships.” Over the years, the company has been presented with numerous opportunities, and has turned to its motto for guidance as to whether or not they were a good fit. For example, on project opportunities where the company lacked expertise, president and CEO Moses Javan learned to say no. “By concentrating on what we do best, we have earned our clients’ respect, and have received repeat business year after year. We constantly remind ourselves about what has been the cornerstone of our business philosophy and success,” says Javan.

Quick Tip: “Identify talented and trusted managers and let them do their thing.”

In addition to remaining focused on its motto, Javan Engineering is dedicated to the mission upon which the company was initially founded: serving quality- and safety-conscious clients, while building long-lasting relationships. “It is priceless to see happy clients achieving their project goals, while seeing your employees and their families grow. We talk about our mission daily, weekly and monthly throughout the year. It is who we are,” says Javan. In five years, Javan Engineering hopes to be a regional company with 200 employees. Javan plans to expand in the eastern corridor and eventually serve clients nationally. To foster such growth, the company plans to focus on its core skills, training and development for employees, and serving clients on a national scale.