J2 Solutions

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Location: King of Prussia, PA
Founded: 2002
Industry: Technology

2-Time Winner

J2 Solutions

Sanjay Khatnani and Vijay Khatnani
Managing Partners


J2 Solutions was founded in 2002 to provide process-improvement services to the middle market. Over the years, clients began asking for additional technical support, and the company added project and program management services to its offerings. Finally, in 2008, the company pivoted again, offering technology services rather than process work. This ability to adapt its services to fit the needs of its clients has been J2 Solutions’ greatest growth factor. The company’s ability to find success in each new move comes from the partnerships it has formed with clients and vendors.

Quick Tip: “As we grow, we have to ensure that we adapt to the continuing market changes, while maintaining our standards and values.”

Finding the right people in an industry with an unemployment rate below 2 percent is a challenge for every technology company, but J2 Solutions has found a way to get the right people in the right positions. Managing partners Sanjay and Vijay Khatnani learned that patience is key, as is staying true to your own high standards for talent. Everything J2 Solutions does, including hiring, revolves around its core values: personal relationships, reliable service and thought-provoking expertise. By remaining true to these ideals, the company has found success and growth.