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Location: Conshohocken, PA
Founded: 2010
Industry: Media/PR

iQ media

Kye Strance
President and CEO


IQ media is a platform that allows clients to achieve real-time measurement and ROI for paid and earned media, including television, online, brand sponsorships and social media. Through its platform, iQ media can help CMOs make smart, forward-thinking decisions in regards to media spend, campaign optimization and marketing investments, says president and CEO Kye Strance. The company’s ability to attract and retain the right talent has been a key factor in its success so far. To foster a strong culture among iQ media’s team, Strance has worked to maintain an open, honest and innovative environment in which employees are not afraid to fail, offer new ideas and accept challenges.

Quick Tip: “To be successful, departments cannot be in silos. It’s like a puzzle you must figure out, but a challenging, necessary puzzle.”

One of the keys to iQ media’s successful platform is the fact that it eliminates the lag time between brand exposure and reporting. Clients can quickly learn the impact of their marketing efforts, and Strance says key innovations like this have allowed iQ media to thrive. As the market continues to change, iQ media plans to keep up by rapidly evolving its product to meet new and emerging needs. Once these new, innovative solutions are developed, Strance says iQ media has a talent for identifying market readiness and avoiding the missteps that can come with launching a product before the market is ready for a change.