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Location: Exton, PA
Founded: 1995
Industry: Software

7-Time Winner


Tim Wallace


Throughout iPipeline’s rapid growth, its vision has remained the same: to transform ideas into solutions that revolutionize the marketing, selling and processing of insurance. IPipeline’s channel solutions for carriers, distributors, producers and financial professionals automate activities for customer relationship management, forms distribution and processing, as well as quotes and illustrations. Within five years, CEO Tim Wallace sees iPipeline growing even further, and on top of that, iPipeline plans to open its technology to other key segments of the financial services industry.

Quick Tip: “If you don’t put processes in place that allow for efficient replication, growth can be very painful.”

With a track record of significant growth and no plans to slow down, Wallace and iPipeline have encountered the problem of properly handling rapid expansion. Wallace says integrating the company’s people and products into the corporate structure has required constant attention and communication. To create a more seamless plan for growth, the company holds frequent orientations for all new employees at its headquarters. “We fly in individuals from all global locations, and this allows us to more effectively welcome new employees into the company. Each department within iPipeline presents an overview on how their organization functions within the enterprise. This has proven to be extremely effective and has been well-received,” says Wallace.