Gallop Solutions Inc.

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Location: Philadelphia, PA
Founded: 2003
Industry: Independent software testing services company

Gallop Solutions Inc.

Kalyana Rao Konda


Gallop Solutions Inc. is North America’s largest independent software and testing services company, says president Kalyana Rao Konda. The company has experienced year-over-year growth rates of about 50 percent, and Konda attributes this to Gallop’s people, passion and ever-growing expertise. To maintain its strong growth trajectory, the company works to stay ahead of the technology curve and innovate. Gallop employees are encouraged to blog, speak at conferences, attend trainings and author white papers. The company even has a dedicated team called the Innovation Core Group, which seeks out ideas from all employees.

Quick Tip: “We believe that empowering your people and believing in their skills is the best way to sail through any organizational challenges.”

Significant year-over-year growth has come with its share of challenges, says Konda. One such challenge has been instilling Gallop’s cultural ideals in a growing group of new employees. At one point, Konda noticed that new employees outnumbered veteran members of the team, and the culture of innovation became diluted. That’s when Gallop took action. “We decided to [instill] the entrepreneurial spirit within the employees and empower them to make business-critical decisions,” says Konda. “The most important aspect of building a great company culture is trusting and empowering people.”