Elite Building Services

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Location: Wilmington, DE
Founded: 1989
Industry: Commercial cleaning and building maintenance

Elite Building Services

Cheryl Ecton


Elite Building Services is a commercial cleaning and maintenance company. Founded by CEO Cheryl Ecton, Elite started with just one account and kept building from there. Today, Elite operates in 14 states, with clients ranging from office spaces and medical centers to laboratories, hospitals, restaurants and convenience stores. Ecton says the company’s reputation for excellence was built on the foundational value of always keeping the customer first. To implement this philosophy, Ecton has had to focus on building a strong team, and she says recruitment of talented young men and women has been Elite’s top priority. “At the core of Elite’s success is a great team of committed people focusing on a single purpose,” says Ecton.

Quick Tip: “A leader must have courage to handle the awesome responsibility of building and running a company.”

When it comes to hiring new team members, Elite values finding the right people more than just filling seats. “By hiring the right people who contribute to successful outcomes, Elite enjoys a successful reputation. That reputation is responsible for the acquisition of capital necessary for sustained growth,” says Ecton. Through her company’s growth, Ecton has learned the necessity of hard work, determination, persistence and a strong work ethic. The combination of great people and an absolute focus on mission and goals will allow Elite to continue to expand its regional footprint in the next five to 10 years, says Ecton.