Data Systems Analysts, Inc.

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Location: Trevose, PA
Founded: 1963
Industry: Technology

2-Time Winner

Data Systems Analysts, Inc.

Frances R. Pierce
President, CEO and Chairman of the Board


Data Systems Analysts, Inc. (DSA) is a software and systems solution provider. Founded in 1963, DSA is no newcomer to the technology industry, but the company experienced a major turnaround in recent years that has led to new growth. Frances R. Pierce took on the role of CEO to see the company through a major revamping process. After industry turmoil resulted in a critical loss of business, Pierce took the lead on adapting service offerings, making tough cuts, and implementing an overall migration from software development to IT consulting. The business began as a subcontractor, but has since shifted to becoming a prime contractor managing teams of subcontractor companies.

Quick Tip: “Do not give up. Do not let the naysayers get you down.”

Today, DSA is focused on tracking and responding to dynamic changes that are occurring in the federal space, as changes have come about in government IT requirements and the IT business environment. Factors like emerging cyber threats, new technological advances and new organizational approaches have forced companies like DSA to come up with innovative solutions at the lowest possible cost. Though competition in the field is growing, DSA is positioned to build on its 53 years of experience to keep supporting customers’ needs. “We have developed business strategies and redefined our offerings to address the emerging threats, new technological advances and business-process reengineering requirements of our current and emerging customers,” says Pierce.