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Location: Harleysville, PA
Founded: 1999
Industry: Technology

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Christo IT Services

Chris Schalleur


Christo IT Services was founded with the vision of helping small businesses achieve excellence through technology. The idea of building businesses up and supporting them remains a top priority for the company today. “Help, every now and then, is something more than a four-letter word. And sometimes, if you’re lucky, help comes without asking, because somewhere nearby is someone who’d rather keep you from falling than help you up after you do,” says CEO Chris Schalleur. Through its acquisition of five businesses over the last 15 years, Christo IT has continuously enhanced its ability to help small businesses achieve excellence through technology. Though each new acquisition came with new challenges, Schalleur says the deals have been instrumental in bettering the company as a whole.

Quick Tip “Setting expectations both internally and externally tends to avoid a lot of unhappy conversations.”

In fact, one of Christo IT’s larger acquisitions impacted both its processes and its culture in major ways. To keep up with the challenges of such a large acquisition, the company adopted a clear, binary scorecard system for employees. The system helps each employee define his or her performance and notice areas where improvement is necessary. “This eliminated ambiguity, and presented a clear path for everyone in the organization. Scorecards are now alive for everyone in our organization, and it has been a true game changer for us,” says Schalleur. Through innovations like this, Christo IT plans to be one of the leading providers of IT and cloud solutions in the Philadelphia area.