Bandwave Systems LLC

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Location: Burlington, NJ
Founded: 2000
Industry: Technology

2-Time Winner

Bandwave Systems LLC

George Allgair III and Thomas Azelby


Bandwave Systems LLC provides nationwide broadband management services. The company integrates multiple providers, carriers and technologies into a single contract supported by one team. In fact, aggregation and agility have been Bandwave’s answer to the problem that plagues its industry: Large cable and telecom companies are simply not able to supply service to many rural areas or industrial complexes with underdeveloped data networks. Bandwave aggregates service options from all North American carriers and combines them with customized network design, implementation and support services. This unique approach and the ability to adjust to the changing technological environment have been its catalysts for growth.

Quick Tip: “By not focusing on one area, we have been able to expand our product offerings and adapt to the market in a notably agile manner.”

Bandwave exists in an industry niche unlike many others. Exceptional customer service simply isn’t a requirement for growing a cable internet services business, as price tends to be the driving factor for most customers. In fact, many providers simply fall back on the idea that in many locations, customers don’t have the luxury of multiple providers to choose from. Bandwave takes the opposite approach, creating partnerships that benefit its clients and remaining responsive to customer needs.