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Location: Philadelphia, PA
Founded: 2011
Industry: Technology

Arcweb Technologies

Chris Cera


Arcweb Technologies succeeds in its field thanks to one basic, but crucial, factor: “We are damn good at what we do,” says CEO Chris Cera. The company brings together a diverse team of designers and software engineers to reimagine digital products for clients in healthcare and finance. In short, says Cera, Arcweb builds products that people love. To ensure that the flow of innovation never stops, Arcweb reinvests its profits back into its people and its business. “By making this a priority, we’ve been able to experiment, make mistakes and improve our practice,” says Cera. A devotion to becoming better and delivering services on time and on budget have been critical factors in gaining both repeat business and credible word-of-mouth referrals for Arcweb.

Quick Tip: “Being as transparent as possible internally has been the best strategy towards internal support and alignment.”

To keep the creative juices flowing and the quality high, Arcweb focuses on hiring employees that fit well into the company’s culture — even if it takes some time. “A business will naturally churn through a culture misalignment, but it’s less expensive if you never hire the [wrong] person from the beginning,” says Cera. Once Arcweb has the right employees in place, it keeps them there by focusing on career advancement, a strong organizational culture and transparency. A focus on people and culture has taught Cera and Arcweb the importance of improving interactions with people, whether that is another team member or a customer.