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Location: Plymouth Meeting, PA
Founded: 2005
Industry: Technology and professional services

Alura Business Solutions

Jason Derstine


Alura Business Solutions was founded to solve a common problem for smaller companies: Even though they rely just as heavily on IT as major corporations, they rarely find systems that perform at the same level. That’s why Alura focuses on delivering a leading-edge IT perspective at an affordable price. The company’s services are especially important to clients as they deal with challenging technology puzzles like managing a mobile workforce and fighting the growing threat of cybercrime. To help clients respond to such issues quickly and effectively, Alura has turned its microscope on itself and made adjustments to develop more automated solutions and services that allow the company to be more efficient internally, and capture more data for customers.

Quick Tip: “You are not always right, even though you may think you are. Be open to hearing different approaches to problems; listen to recommendations from your team.”

Over the last several years, Alura has doubled both in financial growth and employee count, creating an immediate need for physical space. To accommodate Alura’s growth trajectory and still allow it to serve clients to the best of its abilities, CEO Jason Derstine decided to purchase an additional unit and do a complete renovation of the office space. Though the cost of the project was an unexpected expense, Derstine says with its “new, crisp office space,” Alura has enough room to double its employee count once again if necessary.