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Location: King of Prussia, PA
Industry: Professional services

Xelerate LLC

Angela E. Parsons
Partner and Chief Sales Officer
Years in role: 1.5
Years at company: 1.5

INSPIRING THE TEAM: “My leadership style is definitely to lead by example,” says Angela E. Parsons, partner and chief sales officer at Xelerate LLC. “I feel like hard work can compensate for a lot of downfalls. I’ve never been the smartest or the best in anything, but I’ve always worked the hardest. Also, treating everybody with tremendous respect [goes] such a long way, and I encourage that with all of my employees.”

FUN FACT:  “I [have been] a Division I soccer player and a pageant winner.”

OVERCOMING CHALLENGES: In the 18 months since Parsons has joined Xelerate, the company has grown from 13 employees to more than 50. “That’s very exciting, but there’s also a lot of growing pains with that, and a lot of people going in many different directions,” she says. “It’s been really important for me to step back, which can sometimes be difficult, and work very closely with our service team” to ensure customers are kept top of mind and given accurate expectations.

STRONG RELATIONSHIP: Parsons and her fellow partners at Xelerate, Emily Biscardi and Kelly Robinson Jensen, each bring different skills and leadership styles to the table. “The best companies you see in the world have a very diverse mix in their leadership styles, and I think it’s critical you can check each other,” says Parsons. “Emily … takes a lot more time on decisions, which is fantastic in her role. I am definitely a more sales-oriented and driven personality, and I make quick decisions.”