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Location: Wyomissing, PA
Industry: Healthcare


Gerry Romanelli
EVP – Business Development
Years in role: 2
Years at company: 1

INSPIRING THE TEAM: “I try to be a servant leader,” says Gerry Romanelli, EVP – business development at TRIOSE Inc. “Every voice has value, regardless of the title. We work as a collective team to brainstorm, develop and launch new services. My role is more to provide strategic direction and eliminate barriers to success so the team can be successful.”   

FUN FACT: “I always introduce people who work for me as my coworkers. I believe that we are all equals who just happen to have different roles within the company.”

OVERCOMING CHALLENGES: Romanelli transitioned to TRIOSE from large companies that had 400,000 and 3,000 employees, respectively. TRIOSE has fewer than 100, so employees tended to be generalists. “I had to understand where we started from, and develop a plan to move us where we need to be with respect to marketing and product development,” says Romanelli. “I did not rush to make changes because of the company history, but I quickly identified tasks that were not related to the core jobs and found a place to move the work. This has allowed the team to focus on what is key to them being successful in their job.”

STRONG RELATIONSHIP: Before Romanelli joined TRIOSE, the company and its CEO, Carl “CJ” Joyner, were clients of his. “Despite the strong relationship, there was only so much we could learn about each other because of the client-vendor relationship,” says Romanelli. “Since joining TRIOSE, I have an even stronger appreciation for CJ’s intelligence and business acumen.”