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Location: Conshohocken, PA
Industry: Marketing/PR

Square 2 Marketing

Julie R. Golden
Director of Creative Services
Years in role: 9
Years at company: 9

INSPIRING THE TEAM: Julie R. Golden, director of creative services at Square 2 Marketing, embraces the principle of servant leadership. “I try not to manage down, but to solve problems with my team and give them as much autonomy as they can accept,” she says. “I do my best every day to help my team be successful — to lead by example, to not over-manage and underserve.”   

FUN FACT: “In my home, I have roughly 280 pounds of dog squeezed into three bodies, so that means we have a lot of canine energy in the house.”

OVERCOMING CHALLENGES: Square 2 often serves small and medium-sized businesses. “The big agencies don’t engage with those businesses because they don’t feel like they can make a substantive profit, leaving them to smaller contractors that often lack the broader skillset to deliver what a medium-sized business might need in a marketing firm,” says Golden. “But we’ve consciously chosen this niche, and as a result we had to be very creative at times to find the resources to do our best work.”

STRONG RELATIONSHIP: Golden works closely with Square 2’s president, Mike Lieberman, on a daily basis. “Over time, we have built a lot of trust and a path to communication that serves us both well,” she says. “I have learned to support my creative thoughts with solid, rational arguments. And successes we’ve had tend to lead to a trust level that lets us both be successful.”