ScrubDaddy, Inc

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Location: Folcroft, PA
Industry: Consumer goods

ScrubDaddy, Inc.

John O’Brien
Years in role: 8
Years at company: 4

OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCIES: “About two years ago, when we launched a new product, we were on the phone with our supplier and they told us that the product was simply too expensive to assemble into proper order, and … we would need to take a drastic price increase,” says John O’Brien, COO of ScrubDaddy, Inc. “By discussing with them exactly how they were manufacturing [the product], I was able to process-engineer a system that allowed them to do two processes in one, thus removing the costly price increase.”

FUN FACT: “My favorite food is corn. … I am in the habit of making sure that if I am at any type of event with corn on the cob, I snap a selfie with an ear of corn and circulate it to our office group text.”

STRONG CULTURE: ScrubDaddy’s mantra is to make sure employees love what they do and whom they work with. “As we have been building our organization from the ground up, we have stayed focused on providing a workplace that highlighted the fact that we were all pulling for the same results,” says O’Brien. “The only way we are going to get there is by rolling up our sleeves and forgetting about job titles.”

DAY-TO-DAY BALANCE: The balance of day-to-day operational activities is all down to the team, says O’Brien. “I am only able to focus on big-picture strategic changes because my team is strong and committed enough to give me the confidence to focus on what we call 30,000-foot projects,” he says.