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Location: Audubon, PA
Industry: Technology

RSI Content Solutions

Steve Quirke
VP of Operations
Years in role: 6
Years at company: 6

OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCIES: “The most important initiative that I was charged to do was establish an offshore development capability to improve our profit margins and, occasionally, offer more cost-competitive pricing to our clients,” says Steve Quirke, VP of operations at RSI Content Solutions. “In 2012, I was tasked with building an organization with our South American partner, and that provided RSI with a foundation of smart and capable engineers, which has served our client base very well.”

FUN FACT: “My wife and I have restored an 1870s-era house, which is our current residence.”

STRONG CULTURE: Quirke considers himself a hands-off manager. “I let people do their work. When they need help or try to do something that doesn’t look like it’s working well, then I’ll step in and lend my assistance if needed,” he says. Quirke also believes it’s important to know when something is good enough. “Many times, people strive for perfection, and that’s a great trait, but a lot of times, you don’t have time to achieve perfection,” he says. “There is a stage where it’s good enough and you can move on to the next issue you’ve got to solve.”

DAY-TO-DAY BALANCE: “I am so immersed in the day-to-day stuff that I have to work hard to look at a strategic vision going forward,” says Quirke. “However, because I’m in charge of planning future revenue and budget projections, I’m forced to look in to the future because I’m always looking ahead. I work for today, but plan for tomorrow.”