Philadelphia Cricket Club

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Location: Philadelphia, PA
Industry: Country club

Philadelphia Cricket Club

Linda Cozzi
Years in role: 8
Years at company: 4

GROWTH CHAMPION: “Our Philadelphia property had its property value increased by $18.3 million,” says Linda Cozzi, CFO of Philadelphia Cricket Club. Despite several unsuccessful appeals, “I persisted until I found someone to give me an answer. The valuation was dropped by $15.5 million off the original increase. We were able to avoid the attorney’s fees, plus the additional staff time of going to a hearing. This decrease was an overall tax savings of $206,500 annually.”

FUN FACT: “In one year, I completed my first 5k, half marathon and full marathon, and I was 43! It was a year of running.”

STRONG RELATIONSHIP: “Linda took over a very messy situation in her department,” says Tim Muessle, Philadelphia Cricket Club’s COO. “Things were in chaotic order. She never complained or blamed. She simply got busy fixing things. Her department now produces financial results in a third of the time and with far more accuracy.”

ABOVE AND BEYOND: “When I joined the club, the financials were less than organized,” says Cozzi. “My team and I worked tirelessly to clean everything up and provide financials that we knew were solid. After that, we worked on making the reporting better to the point of providing a dashboard that gives all the information the board or finance committee needs to understand our financial position. Our external audits have gone from four pages of adjustments before I took over to now only two entries.”