PCA Industrial & Paper Supplies, Inc.

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Location: Willow Grove, PA
Industry: Janitorial/Facilities supplies

PCA Industrial & Paper Supplies, Inc.

Jill K. Blatstein
Years in role: 8
Years at company: 16

OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCIES: “In our industry, there are a great deal of manufacturers where we receive rebates on specific contracts,” says Jill K. Blatstein, COO of PCA Industrial & Paper Supplies, Inc. “I have created wealth in implementing tracking systems for special pricing contracts and [submitting] accurate rebate information. These contracts enable us to provide greater value to our customers, and a system for accurate reporting is vital to our bottom line.”

FUN FACT:  “Since I was a child, I have always wanted to learn how to play the drums.”

STRONG CULTURE: Because PCA started out as a small company, there was a family atmosphere from the beginning, says Blatstein. “As we have grown, I have assisted our founder with continuing and fostering a culture where people look forward to coming to work. We work hard, but we strive to maintain a warm and welcoming atmosphere.”

DAY-TO-DAY BALANCE: “I have many varied responsibilities, and multitasking is essential in this position,” says Blatstein. “My approach is to always first take care of the customers’ needs in a timely manner. Then there are always other imperative day-to-day operational tasks to be accomplished that also have deadlines. We have frequent formal and informal staff meetings at all levels to discuss and encourage the development and implementation of ideas for improvement of our systems. We are growing at quite a substantial rate and are constantly striving to keep our infrastructure ready to efficiently handle this growth.”