Northgate Digital Corporation

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Location: Newtown, PA
Industry: Technology

Northgate Digital Corporation

Seth Jaslow
Years in role: 10
Years at company: 6

SPIRIT OF INNOVATION: Seth Jaslow, CTO at Northgate Digital Corporation, leads by “providing an environment where naturally creative, innovative people can flourish and do their best work. For true innovators, that spirit is already deeply ingrained and does not need cultivation, but rather refinement and support, with positive feedback, recognition of accomplishments, and a friendly competitive spirit.” Jaslow also believes that helping staff overcome the fear of failure is an important part of his role.

FUN FACT: “I helped compose an off-Broadway musical in the ‘90s.”

COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: Because technology comes and goes so quickly, Northgate’s main competitive advantage lies in its people. “It is the attention to detail, the creative spark and the entrepreneurial drive our employees bring with them every day that makes our company stand out and is why we have enjoyed such long-term clientele,” says Jaslow.

ABOVE AND BEYOND: Since its inception, Northgate has enjoyed a 100-percent success rate in deploying completed software projects. But over the last two years, Jaslow has directed changes to Northgate’s development process that resulted in a 30 percent decrease in average development costs. “This has enabled us to deliver more value to our clients than ever before: more funds to fight cancer, more bright young minds to bring together, and more resources for everyone to continue to innovate with,” he says.