NHS Human Services, Inc.

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Location: Lafayette Hill, PA
Industry: Healthcare, nonprofit

NHS Human Services, Inc.

Tom Morgan
Years in role: 25
Years at company: 1.5

SPIRIT OF INNOVATION: At NHS Human Services, Inc., innovation is a fundamental part of day-to-day culture, says Tom Morgan, VP, IT. “This happens in many ways, ranging from small initiatives like naming our conference rooms ‘Innovation’ and ‘Support,’ to larger employee recognition programs that focus on rewarding staff who create innovate solutions to solve key business issues.” In addition, as part of the IT governance process, projects in the IT portfolio are clearly identified as providing either a support or innovation solution, with careful attention given to making sure that a proper balance is maintained across both types of projects.

FUN FACT: Morgan is an avid music fan and plays professionally in and around the Philadelphia area.

COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: “At NHS, we believe being at the forefront of technology in mental health will provide us numerous competitive advantages,” says Morgan. “For example, not only have we implemented an industry-leading EHR platform (Netsmart Avatar), but we have integrated that system with our regional health information exchange, HSX. This exchange represents a five-county region in Pennsylvania that is the largest and most densely populated healthcare marketplace in the Commonwealth.”   

ABOVE AND BEYOND: “I am creating an IT culture where IT comes to the table with a willingness and desire to solve problems,” says Morgan. “We are excited about challenges and look forward to tackling the difficult problems. Our teams thrive in that environment.”