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Location: Newtown Square, PA
Industry: Home security/Home services

My Alarm Center

Megan MacDonald
VP of Marketing
Years in role: 2
Years at company: 2

INSPIRING THE TEAM: “Whether it is a project that is more tactical in nature or a more complex and strategic initiative, I always challenge my employees and peers to look at the status quo and determine if it is the right thing for our company, for our employees, and for our customers,” says Megan MacDonald, VP of marketing at My Alarm Center. “Assuming we meet all three of those criteria, we keep doing what we are doing. If not, we work together within our department, as well as cross-functionally, to design a better experience.”

FUN FACT: “I am a 200-hour certified yoga instructor through the Yoga Alliance.”

OVERCOMING CHALLENGES: MacDonald’s biggest challenge has been finding cost-efficient ways to drive leads with a limited marketing budget to support six regional offices. “We operate under different brand names in each of those regions and therefore national advertising or branding campaigns under the My Alarm Center brand aren’t cost-effective for us,” she says. “We have been able to reduce our marketing budget while generating more leads by treating each brand separately, and thoroughly evaluating our programs from top to bottom weekly, monthly and annually.”

STRONG RELATIONSHIP: Amy Kothari, CEO of My Alarm Center, “has a ton of confidence in me, and likewise I in her, and therefore we are able to work very well together and achieve major milestones,” says MacDonald. “Neither one of us puts our ego first, and therefore we are able to challenge each other to find new and different ways to achieve our goals.”