MJ Settelen Construction, Inc.

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Location: Philadelphia, PA
Industry: Construction

MJ Settelen Construction, Inc.

Joanne Settelen
Years in role: 11
Years at company: 11

GROWTH CHAMPION: In the startup phase of MJ Settelen Construction, Inc., CFO Joanne Settelen worked closely with the company’s ownership in developing a business plan to define a vision, mission, objectives, basic strategies, and an action plan for budgeting, base-line accounting and financial management. “Along the way, I have been instrumental in the management of our debt service, bonding and financial/project-management software implementation,” says Settelen.

FUN FACT: “I can grow a mean head of cabbage. I have an organic garden and enjoy planting, growing and harvesting with our 11-year-old and our 7-year-old twins.

STRONG RELATIONSHIP: Mark Settelen, the owner of MJ Settelen, is Joanne Settelen’s husband. “We have been married for 25 years and we are a team in the business,” she says. “After 11 years, we are sounding boards for one another as it relates to goals, budgeting, growth and the projects that we take on.”

ABOVE AND BEYOND: As a result of a challenging economy, diminished construction spending and slim margins, MJ Settelen faced challenging years financially. “After a tiger team analysis in 2014, we began to monitor our financial pulse regularly, producing monthly and quarterly financials, helping to identify and improve efficiencies,” says Settelen. “Going into our 11th year, we are now able to look at solid reporting to project cash flows and improve on our decision-making process and planning for the future.”