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Location: Malvern, PA
Industry: Banking

Meridian Bank

Jina Kim
EVP, Director of HR
Years in role: 20
Years at company: 4

INSPIRING THE TEAM: “I have my eye on one thing when it comes to my HR team: Are they growing and becoming a bigger leader?” says Jina Kim, EVP and director of HR at Meridian Bank. “With this in mind, I set challenging and clear goals for my HR team and pretty much get out of their way. Each team member understands that the success of their goals is in their hands, and I will do whatever it takes for them to achieve that goal.”

FUN FACT: “I am a bit obsessed with high-end sound equipment. From connecting a home entertainment system to repairing a broken subwoofer, I can pretty much do it all.”

OVERCOMING CHALLENGES: When Kim joined Meridian Bank, she had to grow an HR function from the ground up. “I had to build HR competencies internally; from manager trainings to the employee handbook to payroll and everything in between — we needed to get it done,” she says. “At the time, I had one employee working for me who only did payroll. … I taught her labor laws, benefits, and mentored her through HR situations. Now, she is the HR manager and has people reporting to her.”

STRONG RELATIONSHIP: Kim’s relationship with Chris Annas, CEO of Meridian Bank, has evolved from a reporting relationship to a partnership. “Chris and I talk about goals for the year, brainstorm ideas, and we create initiatives together,” she says.