McCaffrey’s Food Markets

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Location: Langhorne, PA
Industry: Grocery retail

McCaffrey’s Food Markets

Robert Lepre
IT Director
Years in role: 10
Years at company: 3.5

SPIRIT OF INNOVATION: “I am a passionate leader who will push the envelope. I don’t like the word ‘no,’” says Robert Lepre, IT director at McCaffrey’s Food Markets. “I try to challenge people into being more efficient in their daily work. I provide my experience and skills to inspire my team to better communicate, and be more organized and efficient in their work. Complacency will always bring a team down.”

FUN FACT: “I can play about 10 instruments and I was involved in bands in my early years. I am now an active DJ and play to various large and small events.”

COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: McCaffrey’s has transitioned its point-of-sale systems to touch screens. “Thanks to most people using smartphones and tablets, we are able to provide an easy transition … to a fast, efficient experience that quickly builds confidence in our associates. The next step for us is going to the cloud,” says Lepre.

ABOVE AND BEYOND: In his nearly four years at McCaffrey’s, Lepre has built a good rapport with founder and owner Jim McCaffrey III. “There is a trust factor that has been established, and the ease with which I can just sit in his office and provide him feedback is so valuable,” says Lepre. “His experience and great insight into the customer base, as well as the industry, has provided me so much more experience in how I do my job today.”