LoanLogics, Inc.

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Location: Trevose, PA
Industry: Technology

LoanLogics, Inc.

Terrell Cassada
Years in role: 20
Years at company: 4

SPIRIT OF INNOVATION: “In a fast-paced entrepreneurial company, I cannot always just ask my staff to go try new things. I have to do so myself, and in fact do,” says Terrell Cassada, CIO of LoanLogics, Inc. “My staff knows that I am not afraid to roll up my sleeves and try a new technology, code a new product or pursue bleeding-edge designs myself. This sparks passion and a desire to do so as well among our team, and has served us well as a company with rolling out innovative products, designs, processes and infrastructure.”

FUN FACT: “I initially went to college as a music major, but added an information systems major.”

COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: LoanLogics’ technology has created “significant improvements” related to the extraction of loan file data directly from structured and unstructured loan file documents, says Cassada. “That granular data can then be verified and validated by a best-in-class rules engine that identifies loan file deficiencies. Lenders can cost-effectively perform 100 percent data comparison on extracted data, flag
errors and resolve them.”

ABOVE AND BEYOND: As a result of LoanLogics’ fast growth, “I had to devise an infrastructure and processing environment that not only sustained current business, but could scale to meet ever-growing volumes,” says Cassada. “I led the design of a hybrid-cloud bridge infrastructure architecture that allowed us to stage our transition from a traditional managed-service data center environment to a pure cloud SaaS offering.”