JR Global Events, Inc.

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Location: Downingtown, PA
Industry: Meetings and event management

JR Global Events, Inc.

Stephanie Krzywanski
Years in role: 5
Years at company: 5

OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCIES: “For each event, we capture certain metrics about attendance, spending, cost-savings, etc., and we are able to compare them year over year,” says Stephanie Krzywanski, COO of JR Global Events, Inc. “Earlier this year, these metrics allowed us to show a client how increasing the amount of programs they did with us actually saved them 20 percent in event expenditures, not to mention the costs of hiring an internal staff person.”

FUN FACT: “In 2008,when the economy took a downturn and most corporations slashed their … meeting budgets, I supplemented my meetings business by being a personal chef.”

STRONG CULTURE: Meetings and event management is “an extremely stressful career with long hours, lots of travel, interesting personalities and thousands of tiny details,” says Krzywanski. This can take a toll. “We deliver to our clients at 120 percent, but we also need to take the time to recognize that everyone needs a break every once in a while and blow off some steam,” says Krzywanski.

DAY-TO-DAY BALANCE: One of the biggest ways Krzywanski balances day-to-day operations and big-picture planning is by scheduling her week. “Monday and Wednesday are dedicated to operations and supporting my team. Tuesday and Thursday are strategy days. Fridays, quite frankly, are a free-for-all for closing out the week,” she says. “I used to drop everything for a team member who needed my help, but now the team knows that if it can wait for an operations day, they should bring it to me then.”