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Waqar Nasim headshot

Location: Philadelphia, PA
Industry: Healthcare, technology


Waqar Nasim
Years in role: 15
Years at company: 3

GROWTH CHAMPION: As EVP and CFO, Waqar Nasim has played a significant role in three acquisitions at ERT, including determining the strategic rationale of the acquisition, defining the acquisition strategy, conducting negotiations and structuring agreements, raising more than $1 billion in financing and integrating the acquired businesses into the company’s existing structure. “These acquisitions have not only supported the growth of the company, but have helped to improve the profitability and market presence of ERT,” he says.

FUN FACT: “I founded the HELM Fund (Help, Educate, Live, Matter) — a charitable organization dedicated to providing access to quality education to children in conflict zones.”

STRONG RELATIONSHIP: “The CEO and I spend significant time considering and talking through every major decision, including those that affect our people as well as our processes,” says Nasim. “As a result, the business has grown substantially, both organically and through mergers and acquisitions.”

ABOVE AND BEYOND: Nasim has led a major change in how ERT defines and records bookings. “Previously, we recorded bookings based on receipt of a Letter of Intent (LOI) from a customer. … However, upon careful review we realized that due to the nature of our business, LOIs were not reliable, and we could not use these as the basis for resource allocations and cost structures,” he says. “We redefined a booking as a signed final contract, which is far more reliable than LOIs or other non-committal agreements.”