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Location: Blue Bell, PA
Industry: Technology

CoreDial, LLC

Don Nawrocki
Years in role: 5
Years at company: 0.5

SPIRIT OF INNOVATION: “I strive to create an environment where people can purposefully experiment. It is all about working together to build something great and helping people feel safe in times when they might fail,” says Don Nawrocki, CTO of CoreDial, LLC. “Always remember that software development is an artisan process, and not a manufacturing process. While we have processes that help us monitor and manage workflow, it’s the quality of the individuals working on the programs that influence the quality of the product the most.”

FUN FACT: “I’m a purple belt in American Kenpo, a martial art that comprises a series of rapid hand strikes. The purple belt is the fourth out of 10 ranks.”

COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: CoreDial benefits from the fact that it caters to an underserved market. “For years, cloud communications providers have overlooked the channel and gone straight to the customer, leveraging channel partners as sales agents,” says Nawrocki. “We take a different approach. We enable and work directly through the channel, arming them with our SaaS platform to compete and win against those larger providers who have been circumventing them for years.”

ABOVE AND BEYOND: Small changes to meetings have made a big difference at CoreDial. “We changed the way we run our daily meetings so it’s about making sure that all the work we are doing is actually captured and watched,” says Nawrocki. “We’re now able to run a scrum meeting with 30 people in about 15 minutes, where it used to take an hour or more and was less effective.”