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Location: Blue Bell, PA
Industry: Technology

CompanyVoice LLC

Amith Nanayakkara
Years in role: 11
Years at company: 4

OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCIES: “I make customer satisfaction a number-one priority for myself, our management team and all of our agents on the phone,” says Amith Nanayakkara, COO of CompanyVoice LLC. “We are a service-driven company focused on our client’s ROI for each project. Due to the positive experience and results of our existing client base, we received their referrals for nAew business with their industry partners. Our reputation enables us to continue organic growth and add new accounts every year.”

FUN FACT: “Every Christmas Eve, I host up to 45 guests for a home-cooked meal with traditional as well as ethnic dishes.”

STRONG CULTURE: Every new employee at CompanyVoice goes through an orientation session to introduce them to the company’s culture, which emphasizes respect and accountability. “I personally facilitate an introduction to our leadership team,” says Nanayakkara. “Everyone with staff responsibility is required to be on the floor, checking in with the team, in the morning, afternoon and during the workday.”

DAY-TO-DAY BALANCE: With 22 clients and 30 projects running simultaneously on multiple technology platforms, CompanyVoice faces constant challenges. “As an operations officer, I need to understand the expectations and goals of each client’s campaign and ensure all the contributors are in sync to create success,” says Nanayakkara. “I use daily reports and measures to monitor statistics for irregularities and alert our managers on the floor of issues so they can address it with the agent.”