Clutch Holdings, LLC

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Location: Ambler, PA
Industry: Media/PR

Clutch Holdings, LLC

Daniel Guy
Co-founder and CTO
Years in role: 5
Years at company: 5

SPIRIT OF INNOVATION: “We encourage innovation by empowering our uncompromisingly talented team of problem solvers to attack problems at the source and exploit opportunities as they arise,” says Daniel Guy, co-founder and CTO of Clutch Holdings, LLC.

FUN FACT: “I’ve read all of Isaac’s Asimov’s close to 500 novels.”

COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: “We’ve been able to build an extremely flexible platform that works for businesses of any size, from multinational enterprises to sole proprietorships,” says Guy. “It was built to be compatible with other technology platforms, while also allowing other platforms to seamlessly integrate with ours. We view our industry as an ecosystem of partners who are sometimes going to be friends and sometimes going to compete for the same business. But at the end of the day, we all know that working together will offer more opportunities than walling ourselves off.”

ABOVE AND BEYOND: Clutch has expanded its platform into product recommendations and social loyalty. “Since the previous generation, it has scaled 1,000 times,” says Guy. “Despite these successes, I’m reluctant to talk about ‘what I have done.’ This has been a team effort — 100 percent. I’m proud and privileged to be part of building an excellent platform with really skilled and wonderful people who are passionate about their work.”