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Location: Downingtown, PA
Industry: Technology

Bolt On Technology

Kenneth Gilliam
Operations Manager
Years in role: 12
Years at company: 5

OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCIES: Bolt On Technology’s customers used to only be able to get product support via a phone call. “Our remote support technicians have the capacity to handle up to 10 remote sessions simultaneously, but once a phone call was involved, that efficiency dropped to one, since a phone call requires undivided attention,” says operations manager Kenneth Gilliam. “The first thing I did was create a method for our customers to remotely connect via our website directly to a technician, without the need for a phone call. We then pushed this connection point down to our desktop applications. This allowed for the technicians to operate at their max capacity, which ultimately provided a faster resolution time and a better experience for our customers.”

FUN FACT: “I learned to juggle at the age of 7 in the Sesame Place ball pit.”

STRONG CULTURE: “I encourage team members to work together and always keep a ‘how can I help?’ approach in every situation,” says Gilliam. “I also empower each of them to make decisions on how to best help the customer at that given time. This helps keep me out of the daily minutiae and gives them a sense of ownership.”

DAY-TO-DAY BALANCE: At Bolt On, each day begins with a review of tasks to achieve and a prioritization of those tasks. “The prioritization process always involves these questions: Does this help us along the path to accomplish our big picture? If not, don’t do it. Is it urgent and important? If not, don’t do it,” says Gilliam.