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Location: Philadelphia, PA
Industry: Financial services

Ardent Credit Union

Mary Hoffman
VP, Chief People Officer
Years in role: 11
Years at company: 6.5

INSPIRING THE TEAM: “I try to lead my team through example. I encourage them to continually learn new things,” says Mary Hoffman, VP and chief people officer at Ardent Credit Union. When she first joined the company, she found that staff had not been encouraged to pursue certifications in the past. “Today, an eclectic group of staff members, including myself and three of my team members, are actively working toward our MBA through an in-house cohort,” says Hoffman.

FUN FACT: “I’m awesome at beer pong … and I don’t even drink beer.”

OVERCOMING CHALLENGES: The biggest ongoing challenge for Hoffman is identifying innovative benefits that keep pace with Ardent’s competition while keeping costs in check. “Medical insurance costs remain the most difficult to get a handle on, so this year, we began using our wellness program to allow staff to earn points based on specific healthy activities,” she says. “These points translate to discounts on their premiums.”

STRONG RELATIONSHIP: In conjunction with the selection committee of the board of directors, Hoffman was directly involved in hiring Ardent’s current CEO, Rob Werner. “From our first meeting, I knew Rob and I would make a good team,” she says. “We have similar personalities from a temperament perspective, but have different strengths. That combination works well for us. I am fortunate to be able to say I have absolutely no hesitation in giving my honest opinion without any fear of repercussion.”