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Location: Mount Laurel, NJ
Industry: Financial services

AnnieMac Home Mortgage

Jim McKenzie
Years in role: 15
Years at company: 1

OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCIES: “One of the key ways I’ve enhanced operational efficiencies within the company has been by overseeing the implementation of our monthly VFT, or ‘vital factors team,’ meetings,” says Jim McKenzie, COO of AnnieMac Home Mortgage. “Each department is divided into manageable teams for these meetings. … Each team member reviews a specific set of goals with quantifiable measures of completion from the past month, and discusses his or her corresponding set of as-yet-unmet goals for the coming month.”

FUN FACT: “I have met and spoken with both Queen Beatrix, former Queen of the Netherlands, and Tom Cruise, Hollywood celebrity. … Neither would remember me.”

STRONG CULTURE: A good communications strategy throughout the company is essential to maintaining a strong corporate culture, says McKenzie. “Components of that communication strategy include regular town hall meetings, updates from members of the executive team, and newsletters that outline our goals and the strategies we’re undertaking to achieve them.”

DAY-TO-DAY BALANCE: “Our strategy when it comes to aligning our day-to-day operations with our big-picture vision is to simply seek out the best people in the industry, provide them an incentive to join with us, and give them the tools and operational support they need to grow their business — and ours too, of course,” says McKenzie.