Absorption Systems

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Location: Exton, PA
Industry: Pre-clinical contract research organization

Absorption Systems

Sid Bhoopathy
Years in role: 12
Years at company: 5.5

OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCIES: “We are a smaller company, and over the past few years, to realize further efficiencies, we have migrated from a structure that was based on alignment per functional responsibilities to a matrix style of management, led by team leads who share our purpose to innovate and excel,” says Sid Bhoopathy, COO of Absorption Systems. The company’s efforts to reshape itself have helped it take on new projects and establish collaborations with like-minded companies.

FUN FACT: “I still enjoy the details, [such as] the finer points of a study execution, its conduct or data review. Probably because the geek in me still survives.”

STRONG CULTURE: For a company in the pharmaceutical space, patient outcomes are ultimately paramount, says Bhoopathy. “We strive to build something that makes a difference. Such differences are clearly articulated via examples or case studies so that these become tangible to our employees, and therefore, the culture we are attempting to build becomes more sustainable.” As part of its culture, Absorption Systems also seeks input from a large number of employees on key decisions.

DAY-TO-DAY BALANCE: “In essence, a balance in tactical efficiency and strategic growth is possible not by wishful thinking but by clear allocation of time and resources to make this a reality,” says Bhoopathy.