Velstar International LLC

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Location: New York, NY
Founded: 2008
Industry: Global telecommunications/IT

Velstar International LLC

Antonio T. Ruggieri
Managing Partner


Velstar International LLC serves the technology needs of enterprise businesses and commercial real-estate markets. “We listen to our existing and prospective … clients about how technology plays a role in their business, from day-to-day operations to interaction in delivering services and products to their customers,” and this has helped drive Velstar’s growth, says managing partner Antonio T. Ruggieri. As a player in a commoditized industry, it’s especially important for Velstar to provide unique value to clients, he says. To that end, the company has built Velstar Marketplace, an online tool specific to the commercial real-estate market. It provides a central repository of technology resources for commercial buildings.

Quick Tip: “Attitude will always be more important in my organization than aptitude. Attitude will influence work product both individually and universally — great leaders will fully understand this.”

“Our customized listing service is an invaluable amenity to property owners, managers and their tenants, illustrating relevant fiber maps, products and services, and real-time service quoting,” says Ruggieri. The biggest challenge Velstar faces is finding reliable, mature and ambitious talent. “In 2015, we hired and fired 50 percent of our staff who were unable to fulfill expectations,” says Ruggieri. Going forward, Ruggieri’s goal is to expand the Velstar Marketplace both nationally and internationally.