Strategic Financial Solutions

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Location: New York, NY
Founded: 2007
Industry: Financial services

Strategic Financial Solutions

Ryan Sasson


Strategic Financial Solutions is a consumer advocacy firm dedicated to resolving the heavy burden of credit card debt for its clients. Altogether, Strategic has successfully resolved more than $500 million in consumer debt. “The critical factor to our success has always been a great product that helps our clients almost instantly improve the quality of their lives, and a team dedicated to supporting those clients in every way possible,” says CEO Ryan Sasson. “We change our clients’ lives for the better every day and are proud to accept the responsibility to advocate on their behalf.” 

Quick Tip: “I believe that cultivating an openness to constant learning has been critical to my success and, as a direct result, the success of Strategic Financial Solutions.”

Strategic has successfully grown its team more than 280 percent since 2013, and is on pace to grow more than 75 percent in 2017. “The most persistent challenge present in achieving this kind of growth has been recruiting people who are already biased toward living our core values of results, integrity, opportunity, innovation, teamwork and empathy,” says Sasson. “To keep up with the high demand of culturally fit talent, Strategic has developed a more analytically driven approach to hiring. Two proprietary tests allow us to predict the likelihood of success at Strategic. One test is a culture test and the other assesses business skills and motivation.”