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Location: New York, NY
Founded: 2001
Industry: Financial technology

4-Time Winner

RiskVal Financial Solutions, LLC

Jordan Hu


When he established RiskVal Financial Solutions, LLC, CEO Jordan Hu was determined to combine talents from Wall Street and academia to create a relative-value trading analytics and risk management platform that would evolve with the market in real time. “RiskVal’s competitive advantage is earning close relationships with elite traders, while capturing the latest issues in the market and rectifying them in a timely matter with tailored solutions based on our client’s exact needs,” says Hu.

Quick Tip: “Set a clear goal in each milestone for the company. The goal needs to come along with a feasible execution plan.”

In the 1990s, many financial companies made the mistake of jumping into software development without a plan to maintain, support and update their software in the long term, he says. “This naturally leads to the failure of said software, then the eventual abandonment and a restarted attempt to build another software, which eventually fails as well.” Hu knew that building a sustainable financial solution required a fully committed team with expertise in financial modeling, IT software development, project management and client support. “This vision has driven RiskVal to its success today,” he says. The company also built its reputation by integrating client feedback into products, training service staff thoroughly and providing 24/7 support. Over the next five years, Hu’s goal is for RiskVal to continue refining and expanding its product suite.