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Location: New Canaan, CT
Founded: 2013
Industry: Apparel


Nate Checketts
Co-founder and CEO


Rhone produces activewear for men. The company “was created to fill a void in the menswear market, and speaks directly to how the modern man lives, works and sweats,” says co-founder and CEO Nate Checketts. “Rhone blends innovative materials and classic elements of design into products that stand up in the gym and excel during transitional times.” Rhone has developed relationships with key wholesale partners like Bloomingdale’s and Equinox, which provided tangible opportunities to showcase the brand — a key factor in the company’s success. Rhone has also been working on developing its internal expertise, bringing key functions such as digital marketing and PR in-house.

Quick Tip: “A great leader is someone who surrounds himself with people who are smarter and more capable than himself, and empowers them to make decisions.”

“As a company that started as a direct-to-consumer model in 2014, we saw the opportunity to evolve into an omni-channel business and sell through retail, wholesale and corporate partners,” says Checketts. “This meant adding additional team members, restructuring our supply chain and thinking more about long-term strategy and growth. We focused on hiring the right additional managers of each new vertical, and empowered them to make decisions based on a unified corporate strategy.”