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Location: Brooklyn, NY
Founded: 2006
Industry: Travel

Regal Wings

Eli Ostreicher
Founder and CEO


Regal Wings provides high-end travel services to large corporations, travel agents, travel managers and lifestyle/concierge companies. “Our clients have come to expect that Regal Wings will provide a level of service that large online booking engines can never feasibly deliver,” says founder and CEO Eli Ostreicher. “The fact that our clients regularly reach out to agents on their cell phones after hours if there’s a problem, or that we remember when a specific passenger flew to their mother’s funeral … is a level of service that is not to be found these days. That’s a very strong factor” in the company’s growth.

Quick Tip: “Don’t take no for an answer. If you work hard enough, if you really want to get there, you will get there.”

As Regal Wings grew, it had to learn how to find the people who would contribute to its culture and success. “Once we do find a qualified employee, it is our mission to train and nurture them,” says Ostreicher. “We put a huge emphasis on ensuring that our team [members] have all the tools and resources available to ensure their success.” In leading Regal Wings, he has learned the importance of finding a balance between creating a happy and relaxed atmosphere, but also remaining on track with the company’s goals. “As long as the hierarchy and the systems all subscribe to the same culture, then this is how we ensure a smooth ride,” says Ostreicher.