PURE Insurance

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Location: White Plains, NY
Founded: 2006
Industry: High-net-worth insurance company

PURE Insurance

Ross Buchmueller
President and CEO


PURE Insurance provides coverage throughout the U.S. for high-value homes, cars, jewelry, art, personal liability, watercraft and floods. Having grown by more than 40 percent each year since its inception, today PURE insures nearly 60,000 high-net-worth families. PURE’s employee count in July of 2016 totaled 474, up from 163 in 2012. “Contributing to our growth is PURE’s renewed partnership with our original long-term holding company partner through recapitalization,” says president and CEO Ross Buchmueller. “Additionally, new financial partners on PURE’s team have strengthened our capital flexibility and affirmed the company’s independence.”

Quick Tip: “Leaders can artfully define their culture and create a clear roadmap for a magnificent journey.” 

PURE also diversified significantly over the last two years. As such, despite significant losses from unprecedented winter weather and major fires, the company emerged from 2015 with a stronger rating of A- (Excellent) and a “Positive” outlook from A.M. Best. “PURE could not have achieved these results without our exceptionally talented and dedicated employees,” says Buchmueller. “We focus on creating a culture that rewards and develops our team through an environment of mutual trust, a relentless drive toward personal growth and, above all else, our purpose: to make our members smarter, safer and more resilient so they can pursue their passions with greater confidence.”