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Location: Brooklyn, NY
Founded: 2009
Industry: Technology

Prolific Interactive

Bobak Emamian
Co-founder and CEO


Prolific Interactive delivers mobile experiences for brands including SoulCycle, American Express, Saks Fifth Avenue, Scott’s Miracle Gro, David’s Bridal and Sephora. “We’ve been fortunate enough to grow a culture in our Brooklyn and San Francisco offices that embodies transparency and collaboration while welcoming new ideas,” says Bobak Emamian, co-founder and CEO of Prolific. “We learned early on there was no one-size-fits-all approach to creating and sustaining company culture. Had we not allowed each individual the ability to influence and contribute, we wouldn’t have scaled as successfully, and rapidly, as we have.”

Quick Tip: “Never listen to anyone who says it can’t be done. The best work, products and companies come from tackling what seems impossible, and motivating your team to do the same.”

As Prolific grew, it needed to balance its physical office space with the size of its team. “In just seven years, we have been in four different Brooklyn offices and three San Francisco offices,” says Emamian. “Recently, our Brooklyn team moved into a new 18,900-square-foot office, … and the team has been integral in putting the Prolific touch on the new space.” Emamian believes that taking a risk to do the right thing is essential to the long-term growth and overall health of the workplace. He challenges himself every day to build Prolific into a model of what an agency should be, driven by the principles of education, impact, and the legacy of the work he and his team are doing.