Pneuron Corporation

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Location: New York, NY
Founded: 2010
Industry: Technology

Pneuron Corporation

Thomas Fountain
CTO and Interim CEO


Pneuron Corporation’s business orchestration software is designed to help companies overcome data and systems fragmentation, and react quickly to opportunities and challenges. These challenges may include compliance with new and evolving regulations, integration of new or inherited systems often obtained through mergers and acquisitions, reduction of resource or system costs, and development of new products and services to improve top-line growth and competitiveness in the market. “Pneuron helps its customers transform the way products, reports, applications, supply chains, even operating models, are deployed and managed — at a fraction of the time and cost of the past,” says CTO and interim CEO Thomas Fountain.

Quick Tip: “Leadership is about belief in the team, belief in the idea, and an energy that drives that belief collectively to get us up and get us moving forward.”

As a fast-growing company, Pneuron asks a lot of its employees. “Burning people out is a constant worry, so we focus hard on work-life balance,” says Fountain. “Our teams work incredibly hard, but we expect them to get to their kids’ sports events, no questions asked.” To ensure the right people join the team, Pneuron has also put in some work on its screening process. Applicants are screened for cultural fit, openings are offered to internal staff first, and the company is working on creating an orientation boot camp for new hires.