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Location: New York, NY
Founded: 2009
Industry: Technology


Dr. Jock Percy


Perseus provides managed infrastructure services, custom-designed global networks, time stamping, colocation and turnkey trading solutions. “The number-one factor that contributes to Perseus’ growth and continued success is our engineering innovation,” says CEO Dr. Jock Percy. “We are an engineering company at heart, and it is in the Perseus DNA to achieve optimal network performance through superior design and development.” Perseus has also benefited from a trend that has seen more companies turn to outsourcing for their infrastructure needs.

Quick Tip: “A great leader has the confidence to admit failure and the humility to recognize when it is time to fall back and reassess what is best for his company, employees and, most importantly, clients.”

“Entering an industry largely dominated by long-standing incumbent providers, winning the trust and satisfaction of our clients was critical to reaching the growth we have achieved thus far,” says Percy. “We overcame this obstacle by ‘landing and expanding’ — providing smaller, less critical services initially, proving our capability through superior performance and service, and then winning additional services as our clients grow or their needs change.” Percy’s goal is for Perseus “to be synonymous with high performance and secure, reliable and fast service in every major financial liquidity center and population center globally.”