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Location: New York, NY
Founded: 2004
Industry: Media/PR


Thor Harris


Percepture is a marketing and PR agency, but “what we really are is a group of expert listeners and problem solvers,” says CEO Thor Harris. “We’re active participants and partners in our clients’ businesses, and we can do that with a lot of credibility because every member of our staff is a senior executive in their own right, with at least 10 years’ experience.” Indeed, Percepture’s people have been the most important drivers of its growth. “Their ability to enhance the success of our clients, attract new clients and grow revenues through their reputation and results is immense,” says Harris. “Marry that with the fact that we are an incredibly proactive organization, selective about the clients we work with and carefully managing our hyper-growth, and we have a recipe for success.”

Quick Tip: “Ask a lot of questions. Listen to the answers and then actually do something with what you heard.”

Percepture adds new people and opens new locations on a regular basis. “This requires us to balance ‘bigger company’ process with our fast-moving entrepreneurial team,” says Harris. “We don’t want to bury our self-motivated people in too much institutional process, but we know it’s what helps make the company more efficient and profitable.” In five years, Harris hopes, “Percepture will be in the consideration set for every meaningful new contract put out by any organization looking for digital marketing and social media services, and for PR and content development services in the natural products and travel industry.”