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Location: New York, NY
Founded: 2009
Industry: Technology

Madison Logic

Thomas P. O’Regan



“With Madison Logic, B2B marketers can easily gain insights into their target accounts to personalize their message, optimize their programs, and inform their sales and marketing strategy,” says CEO Thomas P. O’Regan. Madison Logic was an early mover in the transition from audience targeting to account-based marketing. Anticipating that shift helped drive the company’s growth, says O’Regan. “Additionally, Madison Logic took its success at audience targeting and the lead generation business and layered in data that … gave us the ability to identify the decision makers at target accounts, and then drive demand by targeting the accounts with syndicated content,” he says.

Quick Tip: “When there is transparency of the direction we’re headed, alignment of our goals is faster and more productive.” 

Through organic growth and two successful acquisitions, Madison Logic has grown to almost 150 employees. “With this, we had to plan for career paths and structure in a way we didn’t have to think about when we were a much smaller firm,” says O’Regan. “Our folks are now not only in New York, but in San Francisco, Ireland and the UK. We’ve realized that while we are growing rapidly, we also need to continually support and mentor our [employees].” Going forward, Madison Logic will continue its strategy of organic growth and acquisitions. “Our number-one focus is ensuring we understand exactly what our customers want, what they’re benefiting from and looking for in new services and solutions,” says O’Regan.