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Location: New York, NY
Founded: 1949
Industry: Commercial cleaning


S. David Cooperberg


Imacuclean is a cleaning company founded in 1949. “When present management took over in 2004, we shifted our focus from residential to commercial,” says president S. David Cooperberg. “From the outset, we specialized in post-construction cleaning, from individual apartments to whole buildings. We discovered the hard way that cleaning is an economy-leading indicator, as our business began to contract in the middle of 2007. A year later, we commenced cleaning hotels, which has grown to become our most significant business segment.” In fact, hotels have become the “undisputed engine” of Imacuclean’s growth, he says.

Quick Tip: “Your business is not a real business until it can run without you. If you think your company is dependent on you, you are not doing a good job as a manager.” 

The biggest challenge for Imacuclean has been staffing. “We are continually refining all aspects of the process,” says Cooperberg. “We constantly strive to build a stable, cohesive team that takes pride in what it does, cooperates with coworkers, and is always conscious that our ultimate objective is to make our clients’ guests happy.” Imacuclean is focused on getting better rather than bigger, but quality will result in growth, Cooperberg believes. “Our organic growth has exceeded 40 percent on a compound basis over the last eight years. As long as we maintain that focus, we will continue to experience strong double-digit expansion,” he says.