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Location: New York, NY
Founded: 2009
Industry: Advertising and communications

2-Time Winner


Yuriy Boykiv


“Coming to the U.S. from Ukraine, I believed that the U.S. represented diversity and opportunity for all who were willing to work hard enough for it,” says Gravity CEO Yuriy Boykiv. “The American Dream lived inside of me, and my hope was to develop an organization that would be representative of that.” Boykiv soon discovered that government entities, companies and marketers tended to have a hard time connecting with people from diverse countries and ethnic backgrounds living in the U.S.

Quick Tip: “Every day is different, and you need to adapt to market conditions and maneuver around them swiftly.”

At the same time, Boykiv felt brands had growth opportunities in immigrant communities. “I believe that founding an advertising and communications agency based upon culture was a true need,” he says. Today, Gravity employs people from countries as diverse as Afghanistan and Vietnam. Gravity employees speak more than 20 languages and are part of the LGBT community, the skateboarding culture and many others. “Culture is not only defined by ethnicity — it is also defined by lifestyle,” Boykiv notes. Gravity’s client base includes the 9/11 Memorial Museum, Affinity Health Plan, Comcast, the U.S. Army and Western Union. Boyjiv’s goal for Gravity’s future is to join a large agency network where the company can leverage its multicultural capabilities to educate corporate America on the power of cultural marketing.