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Location: New York, NY
Founded: 2007
Industry: Technology


Jordan Cram


“Our mission is to help the world build better,” says Jordan Cram, CEO of Enstoa. “We believe the best results come from an evidence-based approach to capital projects, so we’re out to give our clients the rich analytics, industry benchmarks and strategic roadmaps that make assessment, planning and delivery of capital projects faster and easier.” Since its inception, the company has grown at least 25 percent each year, based primarily on two factors. “First and foremost, it is Enstoa’s commitment and belief in people as the single biggest driver of growth and competitive advantage. Second, it is our relentless pursuit of focus and simplicity in our business strategy and niche play,” says Cram.

Quick Tip: “It is so important for a leader to communicate with absolute clarity and precision. It is really impossible for a leader to communicate too much.”

In the early years of Enstoa, cash was the number-one challenge. “The most important metric in our early years was ‘days-cash-on-hand,’” says Cram. “This is basically how many days a business can operate before running out of cash and being unable to make essential commitments like loan payments and tax obligations. For about 10 quarters between 2010 and 2012, we ran below 10 days-cash-on-hand, and often we were below five days. … As a bigger business, we thankfully no longer run at such crazy cash levels. But we didn’t lose the discipline on cash management and still follow an aggressive expansion strategy, making sure we put every dollar to use that comes into the business.”