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Location: Victor, NY
Founded: 1987
Industry: Media/PR

Dixon Schwabl

Lauren Dixon


Dixon Schwabl provides marketing, advertising, PR, social and digital media, research, interactive and media placement services. The company created a comprehensive talent-management effort to develop its bench strength, aligning employees with areas that reflect their passions. For example, Dixon Schwabl created an events division in response to a team member’s desire to advance her PR career and develop agency events expertise. This team also added employees with expertise in nonprofits to expand the charitable events organized by Dixon Schwabl. The company’s PR team now has 18 team members leading seven key areas.

Quick Tip: “Hire people who are smarter than you are — the ability to surround yourself with great talent defines a great leader.”

At Dixon Schwabl, any employee can make a suggestion — from naming the conference rooms at the firm’s headquarters to providing a new tagline or logo idea for a client. “This helps the company adapt to rapid growth by avoiding the constraints of organizational obstacles and barriers to change, and freeing employees to do their best work,” says CEO Lauren Dixon. The agency has six managing partners and a team to advise them, ensuring that employees in every department are represented and heard. “Focusing on individuals by listening and acting on their suggestions and concerns helps build trust in the company — and enhances productivity,” says Dixon.