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Location: New York, NY
Founded: 1996
Industry: Advertising

3-Time Winner

DiMassimo Goldstein

Mark DiMassimo


DiMassimo Goldstein is an independent micro-network of advertising, design and communications agencies, providing strategy, research, design and integrated marketing communications as well as social, mobile, digital and media services. The toughest time for DiMassimo Goldstein came after the dot-com bust and 9/11. At that time, the company’s staff shrunk by 75 percent, several partners left to lead other agencies, and many questioned CEO Mark DiMassimo’s decision not to sell. “I realized I was grateful for the clients I still had. I realized I was grateful to be able to do this work that I love,” he says. “That was my big insight.”

Quick Tip: “We think about size as thought experiments for management, like generals run war scenarios, but size isn’t our primary goal.”

DiMassimo has also learned that healthy growth is about building brand value while simultaneously lowering the cost of sales. “Companies that focus on the former without accomplishing the latter tend to run up against a wall — they can’t afford to keep growing at a fast pace,” he says. “Companies that focus on the latter ultimately falter or fail. They either have to rely on increasingly rich offers that undermine the bottom line, or they just run out of people to sell, or they build a large tent filled with customers who are there for dramatically different reasons — an ultimately unmanageable situation leading to stagnation and decline.”